Morro Bay may be beautiful above the ground, but below the ground it is a sewage-leaking disaster. This is the infamous footage that led then-Governor Scwarzenegger to declare the Morro Bay-Cayucos Wastewater system a STATE DISASTER for which FEMA money was awarded!

Morro Bay and Cayucos are still leaking sewage underground as well as pumping it into the ocean, all these years later. There are many reasons why it must stop:

  • Morro Bay Estuary has been designated a State Marine Reserve under the Marine Life Protection Act. This means the law will come down hard, as it did in 2009 on the California Men's Colony State Prison when they dumped chlorine and spilled sewage into a creek leading to the estuary.
  • Morro Bay has been proven to be the epicenter of disease for a listed species, the Southern Sea Otter.
  • Morro Bay-Cayucos made an agreement with the Ocean Protection Council to clean up their act.
  • Morro Bay and Cayucos have been warned by the California Coastal Commission that their EIR (Environmental Impact report) and plan for a sewer upgrade did not comply with the Local coastal Program.

Even with all this evidence, Roger Briggs, the enforcement officer of the Central coast Water Board has written a letter supporting the sewage and supporting the building of shoddy sewer plant that will continue to cut corners and pollute!

Roger Briggs has even come out against the Coastal Act itself by writing such a shameful anti-environment letter!

Take a minute to watch this video. It will take you into the bowels of the dirty world of Roger Briggs and the lackluster Morro Bay-Cayucos sewage dumping agenda.

You may never want to surf again.

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